Little by little the instant becomes eternity, because I still breathe you, I continuous tear myself to pieces on the sigh that begins and it at the same time stays frozen; where were you when did the principle of the end already have passed?. That the silence speaks for you. (JIFN)
12.00 x 15.74 in. 16.53 x 20.46 in.
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Crayon on paper 1999 Crayon on paper 2000

Aún inicio Muñequita
17.71 x 21.6 in. 12.00 x 15.71 in. 47 x 50 cm.
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Crayon on paper 1999 Crayon on paper 1999 Crayon on paper 2000

Pictures: © D.I. Iván Israel Ramos Sánchez


José Ignacio F.N. was born in the State of Mexico. He studied Industrial Design at Autonomous Metropolitan University, Azcapotzalco, D.F. He dominates different techniques, as oil, paper, crayon and acrylic on cloth, it is expressed fully through their work. The artist is based on a series of knowledge that you/they sometimes keep an intimate relationship with the design, expert this like a logical form of to build and to solve a graph that many times are more abstract and for moments it seems more figurative.

His constant concern for the artistic composition resides in solving it with minimum elements, with a peculiar coloring and usually looking for an absolutely personal and spontaneous expression. 

He has revealed their great sensibility like painter in individual exhibitions of great relief in different spaces.

His works, mainly, are elaborated the in cray on paper who they pick up the atmosphere of the fantasy and of the subconscious that it surrounds him; impregnated, all they, of constant movement.

Admirer of the big Mexican painters, especially of the Oaxaqueño Rufino Tamayo and Francisco Toledo, of who he comes their main influence; the same as Poul Klee and the painter Spanish Joan Looked at.  Admirer of the Abstract and Expressionist art.